Still Here & Doing Better!

Hi to all you bloggers that may pass my way...when I don't write anything here, it's because 1) I don't feel well, 2) I'm feeliing Very Well & am out in the world doing things! Well, this time it is #2. I'm feeling So Well, I forgot about my blogs! Maybe it's because I just closed the deal on a new house! I suddenly feel energized & excited about it! On another note: I'm changing my Tysabri infusion site. For over a year, my dear husband had drive 2 hours south to Phoenix. Now the hospital in northern AZ is starting to give Tysabri to patients, so a Big Thanks to Them! Remember folks, if you want to change your infusion site, you must call Tysabri headquarters (800-456-2255). They will assign you a Case Manager, who will make sure the new infusion site is certified in the "Touch" program, to administer Tysabri. Happy Easter!