I have finished my Acupuncture Therapy. I had treatment during Jan. Feb & March 2013. This therapy energized my legs to lift & bend at the knees. I could not do this before, as the disease takes more and more from me as time goes on. I am now investigating Stem Cell therapy (not available in the US acc to a doctor from Harvard...and destroying the chlamydia & pneumonmia invasion of the bodies of many MS people with an antibiotic regimen.... More to Come SOON...


I just want to remind all those people that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that they should get Tested for C.C.S.V.I. = Chronic Cerebral Spinal Venous Insufficiency. Please check the internet about where places are to get Tested. I thought all the MS Societies would be Promoting this by now... If you are shown to HAVE CCSVI, you should then check where you can be treated. This is Something New for us MSers. It is estimated that about 30% of MSers that are treated for CCSVI have Wonderful results - not a Cure, but many of their symptoms are fixed. Another 30% have Some improvement in symptoms(that was ME--I saw improvements for several weeks that made me feel SO Close to Normal). Another 30% show NO improvements. The improvements that I think have Stayed with me are: my Cog-Fog is gone and I am thinking like I did 30 years ago before my diagnosis. My bowel and bladder are closer to Normal (under control). I am so glad these improvements have stayed with me. I have been trying ever since Sept. 2010 (my 1st CCSVI treatment) to have similar improvements.
Well it is a New Year -- the start of 2013. I had Atlas Orthogonal treatments for 4 months. The Atlas Orthogonal therapist, Dr. Heide, showed in an xray she took, that my head was lop-sided and not sitting properly on top of my spine. So she aligned my spine and monitored every week when I came in, to see if my body was keeping the alignmnets. YES, I AM keeping the alignments, but I do Not feel any different physically (yet). So I have Stopped getting Atlas Orthogonal adjustments in Dec. I should now have my Cerebral Spinal fluid start flowing properly, and any blocked veins should have proper Blood Flow now. There is No Set Time about WHEN I should start to feel Good Physical Effects, but I am glad that I got my SPINE aligned. I am trying New treatments for MS as I learn about them thru the Internet. I have just found out about BRAIN ACUPUNCTURE. This was first discovered as a treatment for MS patient by Dr. Hao (sp.) around 1970. The acupucturist must be properly trained in Brain Acupuncture. I have found a lady here in northern Arizona that is working on me. I have already had ONE treatment. The acupuncturist, Beverly, gave me 2 hours of treatment my first visit. She measured my head (good thing I have short hair)and marked it, asked me if I was afraid of needle sticks. I am NOT because I have put up with Allergy Shots in both arms for many years as I grew up. So I sat in a comfortable LazyBoy recliner with needles in my head. She also did some LASER treatment--looks like a flashlight with light coming out that she pointed up and down my legs. She said this should increase the oxygen to my legs to help me stand and walk. I will give updates and/or concluding comments in the near future.


I have started (in Aug.2012) Atlas Orthogonal treatment with a specially trained chiropractor in Chino Valley, Arizona. There are many stories about this therapy/treatment for people with MS, esp. those who have had injuries that have mis-saligned their spine. This out-of-alignment condition can block the flow of CSF=Cerebral Spinal Fluid thru your body and cause physical problems that have been put into the "bucket" with all your other MS symptoms. I am 58 yrs. old, a college graduate, and I was embarrassed to find out (thru a revealing head/neck x-ray), that my head has been sitting lop-sided on my spine-! I researched and documented all my injuries thru my life (that I could recall). The Wheelchair Kamikazee(Marc), thru pics on his Blog, has shown how a bad alignment in your spine, could prevent blood from flowing in your internal jugular veins. Wow--that is my condition on my left side. I am having my 10th alignment today. I want to straighten my spine, whether it cures my MS symptoms or not. This Has to be a Good Thing to Do--!!


Hurry, Hurry--as you see, I am not typing well, I may FADE into Cyberspace--Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!