Still Alive & WELL?

I survived my epidural, but no big shakes from that. Just 80 mg of Depomedrol, a little bit of THIS to make me relaxed & sleepy like Dwarf Dopey. A little bit of THAT to prevent infection, as I'm on Tysabri & my immune system is suppressed (oh really?). The best thing about this ordeal was the soda I got while "recovering". I can try another epidural halfway between my next 2 Tysabri infusions (don't want to confuse myself). Ha! Is this called "self-medicating"-? I don't know if my 30-year-old back injury will "wake up and smell the roses", i.e. behave like a normal back & hold me up straight. If not, then it may just be the MS. Huh--what a discovery! It's about time for discoveries! Are you listening TYSABRI? Don't hold out on me NOW!

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Anonymous said...

I had an epidural and it helped me with my back pain SO MUCH! I actually had 3 and I'm so glad. I don't know anything about Tysabri, so good luck!