It's Turkey Day

Here's hoping that everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I'm doing So-So with the MS Monster & will have a nice dinner OUT with my husband. The weather iscloudy & rainy


I feel like Rip VanWinkle!

Hi all MSers--I feel like I have "slept" thru a lot of my life lately--?? I like being Alert, With It, and Ready for Anything! Tho my body may be in the gutter, my MIND doesn't have to be! I took 1/2 of a Provigil this morning because I was feeling Down and knew I would have a Bad Day. Within the hour, I felt NORMAL again & carried on with daily tasks. Provigil is so much better for me than any anti-depressant. Who wants to wait WEEKS for your mood to improve-? But be careful about Drug Interactions. I go to Drugs.com to check drug interactions. The reason that I only take 1/2 Provigil is because I get intermittent heart palpitations. One-half of a 100mg tablet of Provigil is enuf for me. I had a wonderful 55th b-day in Sept. My brother & cousins came to visit, fenced-in my backyard, installed a fountain with water pump, flowers & solar lights. In addition, my dear husband bought a covered swing to put up. It is such a beautiful place to relax now! I'll include a pic next time!


Oops, I missed August!

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. It must be a good sign that I missed out on blogging last month. That means I felt well enuf to do other things besides sit at my computer. Well, not exactly. My bladder doc changed me from Ditropan to Sanctura -- less dry mouth--hurray! But I always check the new drug at www.drugs.com before taking it, & this time I didn't! Well, there was an interference with Sanctura & Zantac(all antacids), so I stopped the Zantac (don't do this without asking your doc first). My regular doc asked me to try Paxil for my depression & suicidal thoughts. Paxil improved my mood within 2 days, no more crying or planning my "end". Thank goodness I'm feeling better emotionally! I'm OK with my MS and hope to stay on Tysabri. Being 2 months in a new house has its stress, but my husband helps out so much. The builders didn't put door knobs or handles on the cabinet doors & drawers, so that's the project for now. Take it easy & stay comfortable!


Summer happens to us all

Hi friends! How is your summer? Even tho I'm in AZ, we've had rain already! My summer progression is this: I have had 3 epidurals on my lower back, it felt fine, but don't think it helped my back problem. Tysabri seems to be slowing my MS progression, so I can think about other things, like my back problem. I really like Standing & Walking Up Straight, but can't. The back doc 1st said it was "degeneratve disc disease", then said it was arthritis. I'm only in my mid-50's, give me a break. Well, I'm glad Tysabri seems to be putting my MS in the background. Now on to other things that were put "on hold". Thanks Tysabri!

Summer happens to us all

Hi kids! Remember to stay COOL during the summer heat. And don't forget to Rest if fatigues overcomes you. I get impatient as I can't move as I would like to. NORMAL people can do EVERYTHING! I am so Jealous! My current "hope" is going to a "Nonsurgical" back surgeon about my back problem. I use my scooter more & more as my lower back "pushes me forward" if I try to stand. I hope someone figures out a solution to my problem SOON. Happy 4th to all!


Take the Best for your MS

My advice to all MSers is to please research & try all available medications for MS. Meds work in dfferent ways for different people. Right now I'm trying to figure out which of my symptoms are MS symptoms & which are from a 30yr. old back injury. Even the docs are having problems doing this. But they both agreed I should have another lumbar epidural done, so away I go! More later, good luck to all!

Keep on taking the Best for your MS

Please research & try all available medications for MS


Always Look Forward, Don't Look Back!

I've had some Good News! After being on Tysabri for almost 2 years, I was told I should have a "Neutralizing Antibodies" test for Tysabri. If I come up Positive, then Tysabri is NOT working for me. The local lab took my blood, then they had to let it sit for 30 min., then put it in a centrifuge. Then they had to ship my blood sample packed in ice to Athena Diagnostics in Massachusetts within 48hrs. Wow! My test results were Negative, YaYaYa!!! So on I go with Tysabri!


Still Here & Doing Better!

Hi to all you bloggers that may pass my way...when I don't write anything here, it's because 1) I don't feel well, 2) I'm feeliing Very Well & am out in the world doing things! Well, this time it is #2. I'm feeling So Well, I forgot about my blogs! Maybe it's because I just closed the deal on a new house! I suddenly feel energized & excited about it! On another note: I'm changing my Tysabri infusion site. For over a year, my dear husband had drive 2 hours south to Phoenix. Now the hospital in northern AZ is starting to give Tysabri to patients, so a Big Thanks to Them! Remember folks, if you want to change your infusion site, you must call Tysabri headquarters (800-456-2255). They will assign you a Case Manager, who will make sure the new infusion site is certified in the "Touch" program, to administer Tysabri. Happy Easter!


Going down a good path!

Happy New Year to all! I can't believe I haven't blogged here for so long! When I feel better I get absorbed with so many things that "well people" take for granted. My Christmas decorating took extra long this year, but at least I felt like doing it. My dear husband helped out and gave me the encouragement I always need. The best Christmas present is going down a path to feeling better! My 19th infusion of Tysabri is next week & I'm looking forward to it!