Keep On Keepin' On!

I just got Tysabri #13, a good way to close out the month! I'd say thirteen is a Good Luck number for me. Maybe I can't stand up and shout about it, but it sure is the best for me & the MS Monster! I'll kick it's Can yet! Just a once-a-month infusion for an hour and I'm good to go. No side effects either. I'm going to Keep On Keepin' On...take a walk on the Wild Side and try it--it's a Keeper!


You can WIN with Tysabri

As you can see, I'm a hyper-critical blogger. Everything has to be Perfect to make me happy. Well, that's one of my faults. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying Tysabri. It's the Best Thing Yet for anyone that's bothered by MS. Even if you are NOT bothered by MS, there is still damage going on. I have had NO side effects with Tysabri. I've been on Tysabri almost one year now. My insurance (Medicare plus a Supplemental) is paying & it hasn't cost me $$$. That's a Big Success for me! Don't get me wrong, just 'cuz I'm on Medicare, doesn't mean I'm a Senior--I'm in my early 50's. I'm sorry to be out of the work world on disability. I miss the social interactions, but the freedoms I enjoy every morning I wake up are such a blessing! I may not be able to jog around my neighborhood, but I have exercises to do every day to keep me as strong as can be. I can still walk with the aid of a walker, but in my dreams I am as normal as can be! I'm suddenly inspired by a song by Kansas: "Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done..." Good times to All!


Tysabri Blogs Itself

Hey out there--what's the Newest? I found out that while on Tysabri, you may develop "Persistently Positive Antibodies". In this case, Tysabri will stop working for you. These "antibodies are proteins made by the body to help fight against foreign invaders" -- your body thinks Tysabri is a Foreign Invader (like bacteria & viruses). This info. is NOT in the Patient Medication Guide, that you get before every monthly infusion. This info. is in a booklet called "Getting Started with Tysabri" that Biogen mailed to me, not knowing I've already been on Tysabri for many months. Why doesn't Biogen include this info. in the Patient Medication Guide, which has been the SAME since I started receiving it almost a year ago-? Oh, well, I guess you can call it one more of the persistent OVERSIGHTS that Biogen is guilty of.


Live Earth Participation

Hey People, it's 07/07/07!!! I'm One World-oriented and watching Live Earth videos from Japan, China, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, the UK, Washington D.C. & New York. How Cool is That??!! I'm a "forever environmentalist". I have No kids, my partner & I only have/use one vehicle and we do Not use a dishwasher. I only take One shower/week--no I don't Stink! I only water the yard every 2 weeks (by drip at night, no grass here!). I use the washer & dryer as little as I can. I'm replacing the bulbs in my house with CFLS as the existing bulbs burn out. Now I get to pat myself on the back & go back to watching all the concerts! Wee! and Yaayy!!