My Search Goes On

I was NOT helped by Dr. Stone at Phoenix Mayo. (for more on why I went to Dr, Stone, see msmikejuices@blogspot.com) Dr. Stone did CTs of my head, neck and chest. Dr. Stone said the Blockage in my left Internal Jugular Vein goes up into my brain/cranium. So he said there is Nothing he can do to give me Increased Blood Flow. I tried to get a Consult from a Brain Surgeon and Mayo said NO, they are Done with me.
I have made copies of my CTs and sent them to Dr. Hewett of Pacific Interventionalists, aka Synergy. He called and discussed some things with me, but no immediate help. Dr. Hewett made an observation on one of my CT images, which I have sent via Facebook to Dr. Sal Sclafani in Brooklyn and he is waiting to get the full set of CT images.