I have started (in Aug.2012) Atlas Orthogonal treatment with a specially trained chiropractor in Chino Valley, Arizona. There are many stories about this therapy/treatment for people with MS, esp. those who have had injuries that have mis-saligned their spine. This out-of-alignment condition can block the flow of CSF=Cerebral Spinal Fluid thru your body and cause physical problems that have been put into the "bucket" with all your other MS symptoms. I am 58 yrs. old, a college graduate, and I was embarrassed to find out (thru a revealing head/neck x-ray), that my head has been sitting lop-sided on my spine-! I researched and documented all my injuries thru my life (that I could recall). The Wheelchair Kamikazee(Marc), thru pics on his Blog, has shown how a bad alignment in your spine, could prevent blood from flowing in your internal jugular veins. Wow--that is my condition on my left side. I am having my 10th alignment today. I want to straighten my spine, whether it cures my MS symptoms or not. This Has to be a Good Thing to Do--!!


Hurry, Hurry--as you see, I am not typing well, I may FADE into Cyberspace--Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm waiting to find the results of my 1st CCSVI Treatment that I had in Sept 2010 AGAIN--!! I was able to stand an walk up straight SO We;=ll like a NORMAL PERSON--!! My handwriting cam back to NORMAL--what a miracle--!! Why won't the docs Do this venoplasty again? THey say because eacdh treatment damages the lining of the nerves = the lumen...BUT I Want MY LIFE back & I saw it come back for just a few weeks--Waahh!!!!
Waiting only involves the passing of Time and Patience-!


This is a BIG YEAR...be careful what you READ

There are MANY RUMORS and FALSE INFORMATION circulating, be aware-!!


Keep searching

My MS Facebook friend, Jan,is physically worse than me and ran out of options. So she researched and travelled from Canada to Excel hosp. in Mexico and had vein by-pass surgery. She is So Brave & had a wonderful team of doctors/surgeons. One of the Surgeons, Dr. Jose Hernandez, has many years experience in the US and Mexico. He is Board Certified in the US and Mexico. He said it was easy to by-pass because he could connect above and below the blockage. I was told my whole Internal Jugular Vein is Occluded, so I would need a Neuro-surgeon to be involved. More news to come, as I Keep Searching...