Tremors be GONE!

I just want to send out a positive signal I got that Tysabri is doing something GOOD. I recall my handwriting getting really bad in 1992. I could no longer write, just print letters slowly as I held my tremoring right hand with the other. It was awful as I was still working & needed my handwriting. Over the years I had to give up many things, like not writing checks. It also meant not writing personal cards & letters to people I loved. I missed my non-tremor hands so much! When I first started Tysabri a year ago, my handwriting improved to the point that I could address my X-mas cards & even print short notes! The tremors had stopped! Wow, that was the best present I got for X-mas! But it didn't last long. And NOW, since I've reached my one-year-mark with Tysabri, my handwriting is coming back again! What a blessing! I'm happy with any improvement no matter how small, and of course I want more & more!