Trying a New Path

Since I am at the end of the Road with my CCSVI (Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency) journey, I am starting a new path. As I said before, the docs (Interventional Radiologists)cannot complete my treatment for CCSVI, as my left IJV (Internal Jugular Vein)is occluded/blocked beyond the ability of the doctors to Correct right now. I have had my right IJV opened and my chest/azygos vein opened and I am enjoying benefits from that. I have been OFF MS drugs since Dec. 2010, my MRI shows No New Lesions and my blood-brain barrier is not being Invaded. I have heard of other MSers that are in this same predicament of Incomplete CCSVI treatment as the Knowledge of what to do is Not Here yet. I couple of MSers in Italy have been helped by a brave vascular surgeon, Doctor Salvatore Spagnolo. This doctor creates an alternate pathway for blood, using a vein from the patient's leg. You can search on the Internet for details. One patient was able to get up out of his wheelchair and walk on his own. Another lady is walking again and she can play the piano, 2 abilities she had lost. I have found an Italian lady surgeon in Scottsdale that knows Dr. Zamboni, does CCSVI treatments, and is intereed in my case. There are many steps that must be taken on this path, so I will be giving you updates as they happen.