Count the UPs not the DOWNs

First of all, today is Sept. 11th and I need to say this:
God Bless all those affected so deeply & personally by the 9-11 tragedy.
Today is a special day of Remembrance & my thoughts & prayers are with you.

On another note, the purpose of my blog is Tysabri, so here's the latest: I've been on Tysabri a year. With all the positive remarks I've read from users, I thought I'd be experiencing more "miracle improvements" by now. As I wait, there are small miracles I'm grateful for: Tysabri is the EASIEST drug I've ever used for MS (I won't say "my MS" because I don't claim ownership; MS is an Outside Invader). Why is it so easy? 1. My health insurance pays for it, 2. it is only a once a month infusion, and 3. I don't feel any negative side effects. Plus, when I realize that I've had MS for 30 years, it's gonna take some time for any medicine to put the brakes on the "runaway criminal" that's on the loose in my body! So there! Hope is eternal! P.S. I had 10 great days where I felt on the road to recovery! A "fog" had lifted and I was interested in the same Un-Sick things that Un-Sick people are! Hope it returns SOON & stays with me longer!