CCSVI - Do Ya Wanna Know What it is?

This is a lenghty, but informative interview with a neuro for ALL people with MS: http://www.komonews.com/home/video/106175483.html

CCSVI - Liberation and MORE

Hi EVERYONE - ! Sorry I have Not Posted Here for 3 months -- WOW-!! The World has Changed for me since I went to San Diego to get my CCSVI treatment...I came back with a UTI because I have to travel long distances with a catheter. This may have impacted the results of my treatment. I had Good Things Happen but they slowly faded after several weeks. I now have minimal improvements come & go that I did NOT have before. I was told that this has happened to othewrs. Since I've had MS for so long, I'm looking forward to my next CCSVI treatment. Dr. Hubbard had an interview with the Seattle news. Two MS patients from Seattle came to San Diego for CCSVI testing, then treatment at the Del Mar clinic. Because of this, a Seattle newsman gave Dr. Hubbard a lengthy interview on what CCSVI is and how it shows that some of our MS symptoms can be Improved and/or "fixed" because the symptoms are VASCULAR. This is a Breakthru and I believe ALL people with MS should be TESTED for CCSVI. If tests show they have this condition, the treatment is a selection of existing procedures that are Already Being Used for Other People with Other Problems in their veins.