Push Tysabri to it's MAX-!! And when all else FAILS--

I HAVE FINISHED MY EXPERIMENTATION and HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED at the COMFORTABLE RESPITE of letting the SOLUMEDROL kick in and do its work to REDUCE INFLAMMATION. I have been waiting for 2 months to go on the traditional MS Replapse routine of 3 days of 1,000mg of Solumedrol/each day, then taper of on prednisone pills for 10 days. When all else FAILS and you keep getting worse, this is the BEST thing to TRY! It works for ME! I have been on Tysabri for a year now, but the progression of my MS is still going on, tho maybe not as fast. This is the 2nd replapse I've had while on Tysabri(Relapse, of course, means NEW or recurring symptoms for more than 24hrs.) I waited for 2 months before treating this Relapse, because I was in the middle of some experiments: I revised my P.T. exercises in May, as I had been doing the same ones for 3 years & my abilities have changed. Also, I tried a chiropractic treatment to see if it would help any MS symptoms, mainly my ability to stand/walk. After 5 treatments, the doc & I decided NO. The 3rd & last experiment was a couple epidurals to my lower back. I have no disabling pain, but it could help MOBILITY. The epidurals made me "loose as a goose" and it became HARDER, not easier, for me to stand. So those 3 experiments are done & I'm off to investigate another course of action as I wait for Tysabri to show something. Hope this info. is of some use to those afflicted with this bothersome "monkey on our backs". Now I need to rest & let my Adrenals recover & kick back in. Potassium, Calcium & D will help (but try to avoid salt)! Eternal Energy to all!

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