Always Look Forward, Don't Look Back!

I've had some Good News! After being on Tysabri for almost 2 years, I was told I should have a "Neutralizing Antibodies" test for Tysabri. If I come up Positive, then Tysabri is NOT working for me. The local lab took my blood, then they had to let it sit for 30 min., then put it in a centrifuge. Then they had to ship my blood sample packed in ice to Athena Diagnostics in Massachusetts within 48hrs. Wow! My test results were Negative, YaYaYa!!! So on I go with Tysabri!


Anonymous said...

I hope Tysabri continues to work for you. Please mention some of the things you noticed that have gotten better. I'm thinking of trying it.

deej said...

I experience a different surprising, tho small, improvement after almost every infusion during the first year of my Tysabri infusions. I'm now approaching my 2nd year and since I've had MS for 30 years, I can't hope for much more.

Anonymous said...

Hi and I've tested positive 2 times now to antibodies. I'm soooo upset. However, my neuro says that she is going to keep me on it because the doctors don't agree on whether is can help people or not. Have you heard anything?