A New Year, Lots of possibilities

Happy New Year to All-! Hope everyone is hanging in there--these days are so "down" because of our "troubled enconomy". I am sending out "good vibes" and wishes for the best in 2009. I have been "out of blogging" as my real life has twists & turns of its own. I continue to try different therapies for my old lower back injury, as I continue my Tysabri therapy for my MS. I will be getting my 32nd infusion of Tysabri this Wed. I haven't been having Big Surprises, but when I hear or read about all the different & awful things that MS people put up with, I am Happy about where I am Now. Take it one day at a time & keep hoping.


Ted said...

Glad to see you back Deb. I was getting worried.

I have my spinal tap coming up if my insurance agrees to pay for it. The doctor's won't tell me what they found in my blood work until I come into the office.

Have you seen or heard from Uncle Jim?

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4844

deej said...

Hi Ted, can't post Comments at your Soapbox 2.0 lately. Called Uncle Jim in Vegas, has health problems at 91yrs., but still living alone. Nurse friend checks on him. Still has Humor, W.C. Fields answers his phone.

Ted said...

I think you have to answer the math question at the very end of the comment area. It asks 5+5= and you put 10 in the box.

Trying to cut down on spam.

thanks for the info.