Into the Summer

The First Sunday in JUNE and we're going into the Summer, whether we're ready or NOT! My life has been going up and down, good times & bad. I try to enjoy the good times & know that the bad will Not Last Long. Most NORMAL people (without disabilities) take their Normalcy for granted. I wish I could shout at them & make them realize how Good They Have it. Not having to think about yourself & just LIVE, is a miracle in itself. Now I will jump off my Soapbox. My life with Tysabri is not a miracle & Way Too Expensive (not for ME but for Taxpayers). But it is the Best I can get at this time, & Who Knows? I might be crawling around on the floor without it. So I will continue in my line of support for this medicine, even tho I believe I started taking it Too Late to correct many of my MS problems. Please find something Every Day to Enjoy & Be Grateful for-!


Stuart said...

re: Tysabri help --
Have you seen or have you used the Tysabri Journal found on the MSRC website?

If not, find the blog posting at: http://wwwmsviewsandrelatednews.blogspot.com
then click the link that will bring you to the Journal mentioned above.

By the way, this ( your blog) is cool looking.


Lauren said...

Way cool blog dee!

As far as the cost of Tysabri, it is comparable to the monthly cost of the ABCRs-yet twice as effective. It is certain infusion centers that are overcharging for the cost of Tysabri, whether or not some of them are overcharging Medicare/Medicaid, HMOs or private insurance carriers.

If others are having trouble with their insurance co-pays, etc., when it comes to Tysabri-they should discuss this with their Tysabri Case Manager because there are different programs in place (such as the Access program) to assist patients which are struggling financially.

Also, if anyone's certified infusion center is drastically overcharging for Tysabri, they should be reported to their state Attorney General's office for further investigation/possible insurance fraud.

I am having my 35th Tysabri infusion tomorrow..., woo hoo!

Take care now dee..., all my best to you and yours -

Lauren :)