There is Gloom and Bloom in JUNE

Hello out there -- how are things going with everybody? I'm still waiting to try AMPYRA to help my walking. I know it is expensive & it only helps 40% of people who try it, but hey, it's a PILL, how EASY is THAT? There goes Mother's Day, here comes Father's Day, Graduations galore, BBQs, etc. etc. WAIT!! "Hold onto your horses" and don't Overdo It -- take a break, drink fluids, stay cool, be Good to Yourself. Big Announcement = CUPCAKES for EVERYONE-!! I just received Tysabri Infusion #48 = 4 YEARS on a medicine that did NOT throw me into the Donut Hole because it's under Medicare Part B. Also, Tysabri is overpriced, but I notified "the powers that be" and if they Do Nothing, I wash my hands of the issue. I cannot "fight the good fight" any more = lack of energy. Tysabtri has NOT been costing me anything, except for monthly payments to Medicare & my supplemental insurance, which I would be paying anyway. You would think that I would get a questionnaire wanting to know if I feel better on Tysabri, if I'm CURED, but NO, nobody holding the Purse Strings Cares. Hmmm... Until Next Time.

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