Taking a Break

Hi folks, the summer is HOT, so I'm going to take a Break from everything for 2 reasons - ONE is the Unusually HOT and Muggy/Humid summer. TWO is that I have gone as far as I can go with treatments for my CCSVU condition at this time. I have been e-mailing to Dr. Siskin in Albany, a CCSVI expert and S.I.R.(Society for Interventional Radiology)spokesperson. Also e-mailing to Dr. Ponec of Oceanside, associated with Hubbard Foundation, who gives CCSVI treatments at the Del Mar Vein Clinic. Both met at the recent CCSVI Symposium in N.Y. and actually discussed my case - I am honored at that. Both doctors concluded that nothing more can be done for me at this time. I beg to differ, as there is the option of ballooning my collaterals, like the 1st time. I will try to rest and recover, as my body is showing me that it is stressed out. But I will Never Give Up-!


Darcy said...

You Go Girl, Rest Up and Come Back Swinging-!

Darcy said...

You Go Girl-! Rest Up and Come Back Swinging-!