Live Earth Participation

Hey People, it's 07/07/07!!! I'm One World-oriented and watching Live Earth videos from Japan, China, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, the UK, Washington D.C. & New York. How Cool is That??!! I'm a "forever environmentalist". I have No kids, my partner & I only have/use one vehicle and we do Not use a dishwasher. I only take One shower/week--no I don't Stink! I only water the yard every 2 weeks (by drip at night, no grass here!). I use the washer & dryer as little as I can. I'm replacing the bulbs in my house with CFLS as the existing bulbs burn out. Now I get to pat myself on the back & go back to watching all the concerts! Wee! and Yaayy!!


Anonymous said...

Right on! Go girl!

Ted said...

I have replaced about 75 percent of the bulbs in the house now. It is too bad you can't use them with dimmer switches or they would all be replaced already. I still shower daily, but our water is basically recycled. It comes from the lake we live on, and is treated and returned to the lake at the end of the cycle. We are adopting one older boy (14), we decided we didn't need to bring a child into a over crowded world when so many kids needed homes. Other than that, we do what we can do.
Hope all is well.
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