Tysabri is NOT a turkey!

Tysabri continues to show it's GOOD side--it is the Best Medicine for ME! I've had MS for at least 30 years and have tried MANY medicines. I've been taking Tysabri for 1 and 1/2yrs. now, and there's always a nice surprise after I get my monthly infusion. Early this week I drove 2 hours to Phoenix, got my shot, came back home to see my brother installing cabinets for me in the laundry room! What a nice surprise! The other surprise I got was my spastic bladder calmed down & I was able to travel and enjoy visitors & good food without having bathroom emergencies or accidents. Tysabri is doing it's thing--no turkeys here!


Anonymous said...

My sixth infusion is scheduled next week. Through all of this I only thought that I would have the convience of once every 28 day infusion, and a hault to the multi ubo on my MRIs. After apending five years in a wheelchair, my left leg started moving again. My neurologist prescribed PT and I have progressed to a walker, then crutched. My PT says that I will be using a cane by New Year's. I have had tremors in my hands for years. Now they come and go. I used to be the exec of an international co, but my cognitive process was fogged. Now my mind is clear, but like many folks with chronic disease, I am unemployed. Tysabri is the greatest thing since sliced bread! It is the brightest lite that has shown on me in years. Thanks to all who have told their stories.


Ted said...

Hi Deb, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


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mzzm said...


Where in Phx are you getting your injections? My wife and I are considering moving to Phx, yet she has been on Tysabri for 9 months through the MS Clinic in Chicago and want to continue the treatments.