Going down a good path!

Happy New Year to all! I can't believe I haven't blogged here for so long! When I feel better I get absorbed with so many things that "well people" take for granted. My Christmas decorating took extra long this year, but at least I felt like doing it. My dear husband helped out and gave me the encouragement I always need. The best Christmas present is going down a path to feeling better! My 19th infusion of Tysabri is next week & I'm looking forward to it!


Lauren said...

Awww deej, that is so wonderful to hear!

I am scheduled for my 17th Tysabri infusion of 1/23, and I too can hardly wait.

A very happy and healthy 2008 to you and your family. All my best,

Lauren :)

Ted said...

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you.

It has been cold here in Nebraska with snow.

Take care

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carmenghia said...

How do you PAY for it? What good is it to know there is something wonderful out there that is helping so many in miraculous ways if the price is so impossible? My insurance will cover 75%. That means my share would be between $700-$900 A MONTH! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? On SSDI???

Lauren said...


For assistance with your co-pay, there are funds available through NORDs (National Organization for Rare Diseases). If you qualify through them (which must be done annually) they can assist you for up to $5,000 each year for either the medication OR the infusion process when it comes to co-pays.

To contact them for further information, please see:

NORD MS Premium /Co-Payment Assistance Program Conditions:Multiple Sclerosis

NORD MS Medicare Co-Payment Assistance Program Conditions:Multiple Sclerosis Contact:1-866-924-0100

Also, please note: Also, Elan (co-partner of Biogen) has a patient assistance program to provide medicines to patients who might not otherwise be able to afford them. For more information on Elan's Medical Needs Program call 1-866-347-3185. A customer service representative is available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. (This was referenced on their website).

I hope this information is of some help to you Carmen.

All my best, Lauren

msjem said...

I have had 17 infusions and been through quite an ordeal regarding pricing which I won't bore you all with. But suffice it to say that each hospital/infusion site marks up and charges what they want. My close hospital was charging me $9500/infusion. My out of pocket was $800/month. Here are two tips for you. 1-check around. I am in the Chicago area and found that other hospitals charge $4,800-$5,600. Then I found an infustion center-stand alone facility with nurses and an on site doctor for IV infustions of all kinds-chem, Tysabri etc. Insurance looks at this very differently!!! Not only do they charge much less (around $4500), the insurance only charges me my co-pay. $15! Now that is a deal- $15 and the best MS drug available!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo Jem! Way to go!

I am scheduled for my 19th Tysabri infusion in two weeks, hallejauh!

I just love this medication, can't say enough good things about it for fighting my MS.

Lauren :)



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Anonymous said...

Hello, it is great to here everyone is doing well with their Tysabri infusions. I just received my 12th infusion and my doctor is thinking about putting me on a three month break. Has anyone else here gone on a break from receiving the medication? Bobby From Boston

deej said...

Hi, I would NOT stop Tysabri and/or "take a break" from using it, unless you don't like it & want to quit. I'm going in for my 32nd Tysabri infusion today, Jan 14, 2009, & I've had NO side effects or regrets. I've read that some people have a flare-up/exacerbation when they stop Tysabri. Good luck!