CCSVI - I got an E-mail from Dr. Siskin

I feel so IMPORTANT -! I got an e-mail from Dr. Gary Siskin in Albany, N.Y. --WOW--!! If you are reading this & don't know how important he is and all the work he is doing with CCSVI, then you need to Google him & find out. I feel so Blessed & Honored that he took the time from his busy schedule to look at my records from my 1st CCSVI treatment and give his opinion if I should do another treatment. And he said "it's worth a second look", esp. since I had NOTHING done to the azygos vein, due to my scoliosis. I am So Happy-! I don't care that I have to wait until November, because I'm already booked to do my next/second CCSVI in March in Costa Mesa with the Pacific IRs. So N.Y. would be a 3rd time, if necessary. I have to keep all the irons in the fire, as MS continues to Progress & I have 30 years of destruction to undo...

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