2nd CCSVI treatment

Well, my 2nd CCSVI treatment was with Dr. Arata at Pacific Interventionalists. Since I am on Medicare for my disability, I asked them to bill Medicare. Dr. Arata says in Calif. Medicare is managed by Blue Cross and they won't pay. I told them Medicare already paid almost half for my 1st CCSVI procedure which was done at DelMar Vein Clinic, thru Hubbard in San Diego, 6 months ago. Dr. Arata was surprised and said maybe it is because I am from Arizona. So in order to bill Medicare, I had to be admitted as an outpatient to Fountain Valley Hosp.,a few miles away. I'm sorry to say that Dr. Arata could Not reach my left IJV with the wire, so no work done there. But he worked on my right IJV and did something in my Azygos. I am still waiting to get Dr. Arata's report. Overall, my Brain Fog is gone, but I Do NOT have the physical improvements I had after the 1st CCSVI treatment. So I am disappointed, but looking forward to my next treatment. I think this is the Way to Go for me because of the multiple symptom improvements I experienced the 1st time.

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