I have started (in Aug.2012) Atlas Orthogonal treatment with a specially trained chiropractor in Chino Valley, Arizona. There are many stories about this therapy/treatment for people with MS, esp. those who have had injuries that have mis-saligned their spine. This out-of-alignment condition can block the flow of CSF=Cerebral Spinal Fluid thru your body and cause physical problems that have been put into the "bucket" with all your other MS symptoms. I am 58 yrs. old, a college graduate, and I was embarrassed to find out (thru a revealing head/neck x-ray), that my head has been sitting lop-sided on my spine-! I researched and documented all my injuries thru my life (that I could recall). The Wheelchair Kamikazee(Marc), thru pics on his Blog, has shown how a bad alignment in your spine, could prevent blood from flowing in your internal jugular veins. Wow--that is my condition on my left side. I am having my 10th alignment today. I want to straighten my spine, whether it cures my MS symptoms or not. This Has to be a Good Thing to Do--!!

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