Well it is a New Year -- the start of 2013. I had Atlas Orthogonal treatments for 4 months. The Atlas Orthogonal therapist, Dr. Heide, showed in an xray she took, that my head was lop-sided and not sitting properly on top of my spine. So she aligned my spine and monitored every week when I came in, to see if my body was keeping the alignmnets. YES, I AM keeping the alignments, but I do Not feel any different physically (yet). So I have Stopped getting Atlas Orthogonal adjustments in Dec. I should now have my Cerebral Spinal fluid start flowing properly, and any blocked veins should have proper Blood Flow now. There is No Set Time about WHEN I should start to feel Good Physical Effects, but I am glad that I got my SPINE aligned. I am trying New treatments for MS as I learn about them thru the Internet. I have just found out about BRAIN ACUPUNCTURE. This was first discovered as a treatment for MS patient by Dr. Hao (sp.) around 1970. The acupucturist must be properly trained in Brain Acupuncture. I have found a lady here in northern Arizona that is working on me. I have already had ONE treatment. The acupuncturist, Beverly, gave me 2 hours of treatment my first visit. She measured my head (good thing I have short hair)and marked it, asked me if I was afraid of needle sticks. I am NOT because I have put up with Allergy Shots in both arms for many years as I grew up. So I sat in a comfortable LazyBoy recliner with needles in my head. She also did some LASER treatment--looks like a flashlight with light coming out that she pointed up and down my legs. She said this should increase the oxygen to my legs to help me stand and walk. I will give updates and/or concluding comments in the near future.

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