I just want to remind all those people that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that they should get Tested for C.C.S.V.I. = Chronic Cerebral Spinal Venous Insufficiency. Please check the internet about where places are to get Tested. I thought all the MS Societies would be Promoting this by now... If you are shown to HAVE CCSVI, you should then check where you can be treated. This is Something New for us MSers. It is estimated that about 30% of MSers that are treated for CCSVI have Wonderful results - not a Cure, but many of their symptoms are fixed. Another 30% have Some improvement in symptoms(that was ME--I saw improvements for several weeks that made me feel SO Close to Normal). Another 30% show NO improvements. The improvements that I think have Stayed with me are: my Cog-Fog is gone and I am thinking like I did 30 years ago before my diagnosis. My bowel and bladder are closer to Normal (under control). I am so glad these improvements have stayed with me. I have been trying ever since Sept. 2010 (my 1st CCSVI treatment) to have similar improvements.

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